Website Rationale

I’m still a bit hesitant to make a website for myself, but have elected to try it for two reasons.

  1. Keeping Track of Myself

I do a lot of stuff, and I forget a lot of it. I’m reading papers, I’m trying to become a better teacher, I’m interacting with colleagues and students, I’m attending CPD. I hope that maintaining a website will help me capture some of it a bit more systematically, and that by articulating my development I can think about it more carefully.

2. Scholarship

I have tentatively settled on a model of Scholarship which enthuses me, but this is unfortunately misaligned with demonstrating impact. I see huge value in Scholarly Teaching, but am worried that - when I one day feel ready to go for promotion - this will seem very flimsy to a panel used to evaluating Research output (and the superb sort-of-Research-in-disguise Scholarship of superstars such as Tina Overton).

I hope that creating a public-facing body of artefacts around these ‘softer’ parts of Scholarship will help me to become the sort of academic I want to be (by letting me demonstrate Scholarly impact). I also hope it will help people find me - please contact me if you are interested in talking about Teaching or Scholarship.